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This is a list I put together of all the stuff I think I’m going to need or will want to carry with me. I keep adding to it, so when I start actually packing, it may get a little lighter.

Clothing – Winter

Gloves Check Snowboarding gloves and mittens
Jacket Check
Sweater Check Green wool sweater
Socks Check 3 pair wool socks
Quick-drying pants Check Got my snowboard pants
Rainwear Check Got 2 ponchos courtesy of Ed and Tira
Thermals Check 3 tops, 3 bottoms
Boots Check Colombia hiking boots
Hats Check 2 Beanies
Facemask Check Blue thermal facemask

Clothing – Summer

T-Shirts Check 6-8 shirts
Shorts Check 2-3 pair
Trunks Check 2 pair
Flip-Flops Check 2 pair
Hats Check 1-2 hats

Clothing – General

Socks Check 10 pair
Underwear Check All of the underwear
Pants Check 2 cargo, 2 jeans
Hoodies Check 2-3 pair
Other shirts Check 2 button up
Bandana Check 2 pair
Water sneakers Check 1 pair (Teva)
Generic sneakers Check 1 pair
Nice shoes Check 1 pair

Car Parts

Jack Check Hi-Lift + base
Serpentine belt Check
Oil filter Check
Air filter Check
Radiator Hoses Check Top and bottom
Sparkplug wires Check
Alternator Check Taking the stock alternator
Security Check Generic Club
Air compressor Check Slime 12V
Tools Check Fully stocked tool box
Fuel Jerry Can Check 5 gal
Water Can Check 6 gal
Nitrile Gloves Check
Jumpsuit Check
Rags Check
Hand cleaner  Check Lava soap
Glass cleaner Check  
Rescue Gear Check Chains, straps, chocks, etc


Tent Check Tepui roof tent
Portable chair Check
Lantern Check  Black Diamond Lantern
Headlamp Double Check Got a couple of headlamps courtesy of Julia and some friends from Croatia
Axe/Shovel Check  
Compression sack Check
Rope Check General purpose rope, parachord
Hunting knife Check Will’s old US Navy knife
Pocket knife Check Sweet Kershaw blade courtesy of Heather
Sleeping bag Check Awesome Mountain Hardware bag courtesy of Becca
Sleeping pad Check Downmat
Pillows Check  My cat pillow
Sheet bag (hostels) Check 2 sets
Duct tape Check
Hammock Check
Stuff sacks Check  
Bungie cords Check
Shower Check


Stove Check Whisperlite Universal
Metal Grate Check
Fuel Check Camp fuel
Lighter Check
Matches Check
Magnesium bar Check
Aluminum foil Check
Cooking/eating utensils Check
Cookset and dishes Check MSR, includes cups, skillet, spatchula, wooden spoon
Funnel Check
Pot scrubber Check
Water purification  Check Steripen
Iodine tablets Check
Plastic bags Check
Ziploc bags Check
Paper towels Check
Can opener Check
Spice rack Check

GSI Outdoors Spice Rack



Soap Check
Lotion Check
Deodorant  Check
Toothbrush/paste/floss  Check
First Aid  Check Bandages, wraps, burn ointment, aloe, super glue, tape, scisors, pain meds, anti-diherreal meds, etc
Pain killers  Check Something a little stronger than advil
Antibiotics  Check  Broad spectrum, just in case
Lip balm  Check
Razor  Check
Shaving cream  Check
Sunscreen  Check
Toilet paper  Check
Insect repellant Check
Towels Check 3


iPhone Check
Extra chargers Check
Laptop  Check Got a sweet deal on a refurbished ASUS laptop.
GPS Check
Camera Check
Action Cameras  Check GoPros 3, 2 SwannHDs
Suction cup mount Check
Surfboard mount Check
Helmet mount Check
Extension pole  Check GoPole


Surfboard Check 8ft KG Superfish
Wetsuit cold Check 4/3 XCEL, 3/2 XCEL, Spring suit
Extra leashes Check 2 spare leashes
Surf Wax Check
Snowboard Check Rossignol 162
Snowboard boots Check Solomon
Snowboard helmet Check RED
Snowboard googles Check Electric EG2
Snowboard gear Check
Mountain bike Check Giant Revel
Helmet and pads Check
Extra tubes Check
Guitar Check
Journal Check
Pen/Pencils Check


Passport Check need to make copies
International drivers licence  Check AAA application for both International and Americas
Medical emergency card  Check blood type, known allergies, medications, emergency contact info
Atlas  Check North, Central and South America
Dictionary/Phrasebook  Check Spanish, Portuguese