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About Me



Hi, I’m Bojan Beran, but most people know me as Boki (Bo-key) and I am a web developer gone rogue, adventuring, traveling and writing for this blog as a way of documenting it all.

Since I could remember, I was always more concerned with school and work than with fun and adventure. I’d made all the “right” moves in life and ended up with a great career and a pretty good life, but then in 2010 I had one of those simple yet life changing realizations. This world is so big and so diverse and there is so much to do that if I want to see even a fraction of it I need to just go out and do it. There will always be jobs and money and the rat race, but our youth is a fleeting thing and I’ll be damned if I’m going to see the world for the first time as a retiree. I want to go surf in Alaska, sandboard in Peru, climb in Honduras, attend Carnival, climb Mt. Fuji and Mt. Whitney and Mt. Kilamanjaro, drive the Silk Road, cross the Makgadikgadi Pan, have a beer in Ha Long Bay and I want you to go too. Even if its just with me on this blog.