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Day 20: A bit of urban exploring

Sep 14, 2013 | Bojan Beran | Featured,Journal

Well I’m glad to report that I made it out of Canada. It was a bit hairy at times, and the US customs agent wanted to know about the TJ hookers and coke, but at the end, I got out. Let me do a quick recap tho. After leaving Dease Lake, I headed down to Prince Charles. I was hoping to get past PC and find a campground, but I became so exhausted I barely made it to the outskirts before finding the first campground and promptly crashing. Hard.

The next day I was considering camping by the border, or driving an extra 2 hours and going into Vancouver. I have some close family friends there, but I had no way of reaching them so I was going to just drive downtown and hopefully find accommodations. When I got close, my cellphone got a couple of AT&T bars and I had a text message that said our friends were expecting me for dinner. So, while I had signal I gave them a ring, let them know I was coming and like that my plans changed again. I spent that evening with these lovely people, Pero, Jasna and Vanja Filipovic catching up and talking about life and books and such. The next day, Pero took me for a long drive around Vancouver. I got to see the park, West Vancouver (different town altogether) and a good chunk of the west side of Vancouver itself. I wish I had more time to explore, but I had to motor. I got to the border where the wait time, allegedly, was 30 minutes, and 2.5 hours later I was staring at a very unfriendly ICE agent who proceeded to grill me about my crossings, occupation, Mexico and why I had a paper from the Canadian side. 10 minutes later I was across and headed to Seattle. I managed to find a bed at the Hotel Hotel Hostel (yeah, thats the name of it) and it’s turned out to be a pretty cool calm place. I do have to share my room with 2 EXTREMELY smelly Danes but such is the price you pay for hostel life. Last night I explored a while, checked out some awesome bars and grabbed a street dog before retiring. I did meet this awesome bartender Shanny who gave me a list of things I should check out while in town.

Today was the first day I did no driving. Instead I spent 6 hours biking. It was only a little over 20 miles, but I swear it was all uphill… There was so much cool shit to see. The parks are beautiful, biking around town was pretty much a breeze and the neighborhoods are really cool. Seems like a very artsy vibe, lots of cool restaurants, bars, even ice cream parlors. The more I rode around the more I liked it. I found this awesome Greek place in the Magnolia neighborhood that was crazy good. They had both musaka and stuffed bell peppers. I got the peppers. Not exactly the same as moms but still soooooo good. I even ran into a car meetup and got to see some sweet old cars. I ended the ride at Shannys bar for some dinner and a beer. Meatball sliders, fuck yes! I’m gonna go out one more time tonight before heading out to the wild again tomorrow. Here are all the pics I took today:



  • IMG_3288
  • IMG_3291
  • IMG_3297
  • IMG_3301
  • IMG_3303
  • IMG_3307
  • IMG_3315
  • IMG_3317
  • GOPR1851
  • IMG_3321
  • IMG_3327
  • GOPR1897
  • GOPR1892
  • GOPR1884
  • IMG_3333
  • IMG_3342
  • IMG_3352
  • IMG_3354
  • IMG_3362
  • IMG_3366
  • IMG_3367
  • IMG_3374
  • IMG_3378
  • IMG_3386
  • IMG_3370
  • IMG_3372
  • IMG_3392
  • IMG_3395
  • IMG_3405
  • IMG_3408
  • IMG_3418
  • IMG_3424
  • IMG_3430
  • IMG_3432

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