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Day 6 – 7: Fraser Lake to Yukon

Sep 5, 2013 | Bojan Beran | Journal

I’m condensing the last two days into a single entry as there was really very little to report on. The spot we scored on Fraser Lake was amazing. We met a guy named Keith who operates a charter plane from the lake and does flights to the surrounding areas. We got to talking to him and it turns out he just picked up paddle boarding. He also pointed us to a hidden spot on the lake where we could camp for the night and it turned out to be this pristine little lakefront location. We camped out, got a fire going and I even tried to get us some WiFis but there were none to be had.

kiko-319 kiko-298kiko-376

We had talked about paddling out into the lake in the morning, but when we woke up the temperatures were so low that both decided against it. We needed to get a lot of ground covered so we set off. As we got further north the scenery got more and more breathtaking. I haven’t really talked about it but the nature here is beyond stunning. I never felt like I was completely isolated, but there were a few living souls and far between in this beautiful wilderness. I took many pictures but none were able to capture the awe inspiring sights I saw. I took a bunch of footage too and I hope that comes out better than the pictures.

When we finally stopped we were kind of in the middle of nowhere on the 37. We found a clean private campground but it ended up being next to a railroad so we did not get a lot of sleep. What it did have was hot showers and in the morning we got clean, ate some oatmeal and kept going.

As we drove into the Yukon we saw more amazing nature, the air had begun to cool, the roads got worse and the truck developed a check engine light. After a short freakout I realized that the truck was running better when the light was on, meaning that I got a sensor screwing things up and when it finally dies the truck runs well.

As I said, nothing much of consequence happened on the drive, but when we finally stopped we found ourselves outside of Whitehorse at the Takhini Hot Springs. It felt nice soaking for a bit before calling it a night.

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  1. Brian said:

    Hey Boki,

    I don’t like typing on my phone, but I wanted to drop a quick message. This is one of the most awesome, inspiring things I have ever read. I really hope to read more soon.


    » September 11, 2013 @ 6:27 pm

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