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Day 5: Whistler to Fraser Lake BC

Sep 1, 2013 | Bojan Beran | Journal

Last night we managed to find an RV camping site where we could park and catch a couple of hours of sleep. We both woke up really early and headed back into town to get breakfast, coffee and maybe get a hold of Wes. 2 hours in Starbucks, 2 teas and 3 blogs posts, we were ready to head out, and still we had no contact with Wes. We were about to leave civilization and finally enter the wilderness, so we stopped in the next town up, loaded up with food and gas and set out.

The drive out of Whistler and up the 99 was slow but so picturesque. Long flowing hills, accented by snow covered peaks in the distance. Massive brilliantly blue lakes and babbling streams followed us the whole way up. Once on the 97, the scenery got a little less exciting but at least we were making good time. We thought we were getting into the thick of it, but the whole drive up was peppered in little towns and villages, so we were never further than a few miles from a gas station or restaurant. I will give the Canadians some credit, they sure run a clean and well marked country. It turns out at one point we got on the highway 16, also known as the Highway of Tears. For hours and across countless miles we kept seeing missing person billboards and at every rest stop flyers of a girl that went missing in 2011. We found out that several girls had gone missing on that stretch of highway and that a killer was still on the loose. Definitely a little scary this far out.

We needed to make up some time so the only times we stopped was to pee and to try and take a goofy happy birthday greeting for some friends. Oh yeah: HAPPY BIRTHDAY BECCA, ALEX AND ERINN. Kiko passed the time trying to get the GPS to work, but after a couple of hours he gave up on it. I’ll see if REI will exchange it for a different one. We’ll find a place to camp tonight and hopefully get a really early start tomorrow.

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  1. Boki lud si sto na sat. :) Puno sreće u nastavku.
    Emir i Nina

    » September 11, 2013 @ 10:55 am

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