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Day 2: San Francisco to Oregon

Aug 28, 2013 | Bojan Beran | Journal

It was nice seeing Arron, Jen and Cassie again last night but I passed out shortly after we got in so I did not get a chance to really hang out with them. Aaron had some guests already staying over so Kiko and I shared a blowup mattress while the house guests took the couches. Between a snoring house guest, barking dogs and my worry about the homeless stealing everything I own, I got maybe a few hours of sleep. Even taking a sleeping pill didn’t help. I finally got to sleep around 4 woke up feeling like a zombie. In the morning I found the truck and all of my things perfectly intact, but I did get slapped with a $100 parking ticket, for partially blocking a driveway. Fuck you San Francisco…fuck you up your car hating ass!

Kiko, Chris and I hung out at the house for a while, had some of Sarah’s delicious banana bread and talked about surfing, trips and life. We were going to try and take off early, but I was still asleep and I didn’t really get a chance to hang out with Sarah much, so we decided to go see her at work, eat lunch and get a late start instead. Sarah works in a restaurant in Sausalito as a bartender so it was perfect to spend a little time and have some delicious food. The weather was sunny and mild, a stark contrast with San Francisco’s foggy morning, so we didn’t really want to leave, but a long way laid ahead.

We hit the 101 and before long we were in the rural areas of the state. I have to admit it wasn’t what I expected. I always pictured Northern California as big tall pine trees, small quaint towns, and friendly people in flannel. Instead what I found were run down logging and farming towns filled with desperate looking people. We stopped in Rio Del to get a bite and use the wifi. The whole place looked very impoverished, but strangely filled with BMX and skater kids. The diner we stopped at was run by a kid who was very nice but both Kiko and I got the feeling there was something very off about the whole town. Maybe all the pot farming that happens up there breeds an air of paranoia. All I know is the place felt a little like children of the corn. Eureka was downright scary. The whole town looked so decrepit and every single person we passed on the street looked like a meth head. I have little doubt that if we had stopped there to eat we may have found the truck without wheels and tent.

We kept going north hoping to hit Oregon, but around 10 pm we decided to call it a night and stopped at a campground in the Jedediah Smith Redwood State Park, pitched the tent and relaxed with a bottle of wine. We’re going to try and have an early night tonight and get an early start. Portland and Washington await!

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