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Day 1: San Diego to San Francisco

Aug 27, 2013 | Bojan Beran | Journal

Last night was a bit of a disaster. I drove up to LAX to pick up my folks who had been in Bosnia for the last 6 weeks and they were not in a good mood. Their flight was delayed by a full day, dad had to stay in LA for work and mom lost his keys and her phone. Once home, mom started flipping out over me leaving a mess while I was trying to finish prepping the rest of my gear. Instead of having a fun last day together we went to bed very late and very bitter. 4 hours later the mood had changed considerably and with droopy eyes mom and I finished packing my truck. She made me some sandwiches, packed fruit and broke down crying. I broke down too. We said our goodbyes and just like that, the journey had begun.

The first stop was to pick up Kiko. We packed his things in the truck took some last photos with Becca who had come to see us off, including a gratuitous booby shot, and were on the road. The next stop was to say goodbye to my dad. He was setting up a commercial in downtown LA so we drove into the city, but we had some trouble finding where they were. After gaining access to a set, and walking all over the place trying to find them, we realized we had found a totally different set a few blocks away from him. With some confused back and fourth we found him and we got a chance to say our goodbyes.

By this point Kiko and I needed food, and as the traditional first meal we hit up In-N-Out and started to figure out what we wanted to do for the day. We wanted to hit SF by the end of the day so we had plenty of time to surf or just bum around. After talking a bit we realized neither of us had seen the Hollywood sign up close, so we hoofed it up the hills. Turns out we could not get up to the sign, but we did make it as far up as the city allows, and we discovered a really nice new neighborhood. The truck had been running pretty well up to this point, but some knocking had been creeping in and at one point the fridge had started to overheat. We took some pics, I fixed the fridge and we decided that it was surf o’clock and headed out to Malibu.

There had been no swell in San Diego for the last few weeks so we were ready to hit the water, but the lack of swell followed us north. Malibu was flat. The sun was out, and the heat was on so we got changed and just went for a dip. The water was a little too cold to splash around for too long so we decided to just keep going. Since we had all day we got ton the 101 and slowly made it up the coast.

The rest of the trip was pretty uneventful and by 9 we rolled into a very foggy San Francisco. Chris, Sarah Jen and Arron greeted us at their home and we had a chance to catch up. Cassie was still at work so I didn’t get a chance to catch up with her before going out like a bulb.

In summary, the truck is running ok, we got skunked on surf, but at least we made it!

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