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April 2013


Explorer Build – Finished Electrical

Last night I pulled another super late post work session and got the wiring completely done. The off-road lights, fridge, 12V outlets and CB are all completely functional now, and the truck is wired up with some heavy duty 0/1 awg wire to handle both the new alternator and to provide a rear drop point […]


Explorer Build – Wiring Part 3

Another successful night of wrenching on the truck and I damn near finished the electrical. I upgraded a few more of the big wires (battery to starter solenoid, winch hookup), and patched together the rest of the interior. I also finished up the wiring around the battery. That entire area is so tight that it […]

Apr 17, 2013 | Bojan Beran | 2 Comments | Vehicle


Explorer Build – Wiring Part 2

The new alternator arrived on Friday and I jumped right back into finishing the electrical. Sunday was a FULL work day. I got the alternator installed, wiring almost done, CB installed, and even the old alarm system removed. I also started looking at how to install the fridge. This thing is going to be one […]

Apr 14, 2013 | Bojan Beran | 2 Comments | Vehicle


Explorer Build – Suspension Upgrades

The electrical system is on hold as I’m waiting on a high output alternator and high amp relay, but what did arrive was the new suspension bits. I replaced the rear struts with some Monroe Sensa-Trac load adjusting shocks to handle the extra weight and the fronts got some new KYB’s. I got a chance […]

Apr 5, 2013 | Bojan Beran | No Comments | Vehicle