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October 2012


Explorer Build – New Heads

A few days ago I finally got a chance to drop the heads off to get rebuilt. A family friend recommended Motor Machine and Supply down in Chula Vista, so I popped down there before heading up to work and dropped the parts off. The turn around was supposed to be less than a day, […]

Oct 31, 2012 | Bojan Beran | No Comments | Vehicle


Explorer Build – Motor Teardown

The engine tear down has commenced. Worked all day and well into the night. I got the engine down to the heads and the outlook not good so far. The engine water was about 50% rust and all the intake parts were coated with burned up carbon. This damn thing is so dirty even the […]

Oct 21, 2012 | Bojan Beran | No Comments | Vehicle


Explorer Build – Bent Valve

I spent the last week driving the truck around hoping to get the rough idle shaken out, but to no avail. Burned through a tank and a half of gas with octane booster and injector cleaner but it’s still running rough. It’s looking like it may be a bent valve. I also took the truck […]

Oct 20, 2012 | Bojan Beran | No Comments | Vehicle


Time to say goodbye!

With the arrival of the Exploder I had to shift my focus, and limited budget, to prepping for the trip and with that I’m selling my beloved 1965 Chevy C10 which I have christened Saffron. I bought Saffron about a year ago after a long struggle with owning a classic 68 Mustang. There was nothing […]

Oct 11, 2012 | Bojan Beran | No Comments | Cars,Featured


Explorer Build – Engine Debugging

I drove the truck around a bit and the motor is still running pretty rough. I ran a compression and diagnostic check and it reveled one cylinder had low pressure, but the diagnostics all came up clean. The truck runs rough at idle, but raise the RPMs and it runs smooth. I’m hoping its just […]

Oct 6, 2012 | Bojan Beran | No Comments | Vehicle