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September 2012


Explorer Build – Clean Up

I finally began the teardown of the trunk and found a metric ton of dirt and gravel, not to mention dog hair. I cleaned it out the best I could (or felt like at the time) but this thing is going to need a miracle to get it totally cleaned out. I even found 3 […]

Sep 30, 2012 | Bojan Beran | No Comments | Vehicle


Explorer Build – First Steps

I spent the last few days doing some minor maintenance on the truck. I replaced the spark plug wires, windshield wipers and checked the front breaks. I also ground that the rear hatch is welded with dust and the entire car is full of gravel. Yes, you read that correctly, not just dirt and dog […]

Sep 23, 2012 | Bojan Beran | No Comments | Vehicle


Explorer Build – Pickup

I just picked up the keys to a 1992 Ford Explorer XLT and drove it home. The good news is that it stared right up after 2 years of sitting, but it’s a little scary to drive. It smells funny too. The entire thing is also covered inside and out in a fine mist of […]

Sep 16, 2012 | Bojan Beran | No Comments | Vehicle