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Day 20: A bit of urban exploring

Well I’m glad to report that I made it out of Canada. It was a bit hairy at times, and the US customs agent wanted to know about the TJ hookers and coke, but at the end, I got out. Let me do a quick recap tho. After leaving Dease Lake, I headed down to […]


Day 15: Canada and Alaska

When I started my journey I planned on writing an entry for every day I was traveling, but as you can see, that has not really been the case. Between my compressed schedule, massive amount of driving, a few fun activities and the nightly pursuit to get wet wood to light, I’ve had very little […]

Sep 10, 2013 | Bojan Beran | 1 Comment | Featured,Journal


Explorer Build – Finished Electrical

Last night I pulled another super late post work session and got the wiring completely done. The off-road lights, fridge, 12V outlets and CB are all completely functional now, and the truck is wired up with some heavy duty 0/1 awg wire to handle both the new alternator and to provide a rear drop point […]


Explorer Build – New Tires

I got a chance to pick up some “new” rims from the junk yard and it was time to replace those super balding tires. I got recommended to this place called Bear’s Tires and they really took care of me. Yokohama Geolanders on all 6 wheels and the truck is ready to hit some trails! […]


15 Day Juice Experiment – Conclusion

Well, the experiment is over. I didn’t post last few days because there was nothing interesting to post, but the 15 day juice experiment has turned into a 12 day juice and other foods failed exercise. I admit, it was interesting to try living on a completely different diet, but I could never commit to […]


15 Day Juice Experiment – Day 1

There are a few things that bring me more joy and adventure than traveling with friends, but for me it also means eating and drinking all kinds of delicious but unhealthy stuff in extremely large quantities. The latest “bro-cation” I just returned from was no exception. My buddy Will’s bachelor party consisted of a frozen […]


Time to say goodbye!

With the arrival of the Exploder I had to shift my focus, and limited budget, to prepping for the trip and with that I’m selling my beloved 1965 Chevy C10 which I have christened Saffron. I bought Saffron about a year ago after a long struggle with owning a classic 68 Mustang. There was nothing […]

Oct 11, 2012 | Bojan Beran | No Comments | Cars,Featured